Stine Momo Agerbæk

Stine Momo Agerbæk

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Once upon a time I was a 14 year old girl dreaming of winning LBL, despite the women's version being decades away still. So when that didn't pan out, I became a DJ and pop-culture academic instead...

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Il Giro Sette: Issue 4

Stages 10, 11 and 12 brought it all - drama, emotion, a quiet day, and plenty of chaotic ones. Wins for two Frenchman, and another Italian doing what he does best. Catch up on everything, and look ahead to the next 3.

Il Giro Sette: Issue 3

Reflecting on the past three stages and looking ahead to the next three, meeting the lucky 107th placed riders and remembering iconic stages from history - and a Tadej Pogačar artwork analogy. It's all here in Issue 3 of Il Giro Sette

Il Giro Sette: Issue 1

Issue 1 of Il Giro Sette looks back at the first three stages of action from Italy, with music, stats, iconic stage wins, anagrams, and getting to know the riders finishing in 107th place - what more could you want?

Il Giro Sette: Prologue

INTRODUCING... Il Giro Sette. Giro d'Italia coverage you won't find anywhere else - an eclectic mix of analysis, historical and local context, stats, music, puzzles and A WHOLE LOT MORE.

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