Stine Momo Agerbæk

Stine Momo Agerbæk

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Once upon a time I was a 14 year old girl dreaming of winning LBL, despite the women's version being decades away still. So when that didn't pan out, I became a DJ and pop-culture academic instead...

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Le Tour Dispatch: Thu 13 Jul

Halfway to oblivion. Is a fairly accurate description of where it feels like we exist, currently, trapped in a state of perpetual chaos with tiny gaps in between in which to catch our breath. This felt like the case for the whole of today's stage, and it'...

Le Tour Dispatch: Tue 11 Jul

Thank the cycling gods for rest days. Monday was the only respite anybody had from the relentless pace of this insane Tour de France. How was yours? Like every Grand Tour rest day, I had grand plans, to spend it getting ahead with work, prepping for future stages, writing previews...

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