Katy Madgwick

Cycling writer; content creator; fiction author

I adore the multi-faceted stories that the sport of pro cycling has to offer. It fires my imagination in a way that no other sport ever has, and I channel that energy into my creative practice.

I write opinion pieces, race reports, lists and more here on my own site. I am a freelance writer for Rouleur and have contributed pieces to Cyclist magazine, Cycling News and the British Continental. I am a member of the team at Quicklink podcast, which you can hear at the below links, and I have my own YouTube channel where you can find my Highlights Reel series, featuring conversations with cycling fans about the 2021 season.

apple.quicklinkpod.co.uk; http://spotify.quicklinkpod.co.uk; http://youtube.quicklinkpod.co.uk

I’ll be writing throughout the road season, and about cyclocross in winter. Expect opinion pieces, humour, lists, and occasionally even short fiction inspired by events within the sport.

If you interested in what I do outside of cycling writing, please visit my personal website.

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If you have a project or commission that you would like to discuss with me, I’d love to hear from you. My contact details can be found on the Contact page.

Happy reading.

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