A year after the relaunch of the new and improved writebikerepeat website, I’m seeking support to continue to grow my unique corner of the cycling media landscape – could you or your company be a partner for the site, and enable us to take our next step up?

The site has gone from strength to strength in the past year, with the team of contributors expanding, a wide range of regular posts from race reports to interviews to opinion pieces, covering both men's and women's cycling, and subjects as diverse as health and fitness, the UCI track champions league, and the Tour de France Netflix documentary. Featuring interviews with men's and women's World Tour riders, and contributions from creators from 14 different nations. Not to mention a twice-monthly newsletter throughout the year, and dedicated daily content during the Grand Tours.

With a range of options to suit all budgets, there are opportunities for cycling-adjacent brands and companies to attract the interest of a global audience of cycling fans - over the past year, the site has generated over 46,000 views from almost 30,000 visitors emanating from an incredible 129 different nations, with a rapidly increasing SEO ranking on Google, and clicks coming in from seven different social media platforms.

Headline sponsor: £1500 per year

With your brand featuring at the top of the landing page on the website and standing proud at the top of every post on the site, you’ll be front and centre as the website continues to grow. With an audience of over 20,000 across social media, you will be the key partnership and supporter of the site, and together we can grow the offering as with your support I am able to dedicate more time to producing content for the site and promoting it across a range of social media.

Newsletter sponsorship – SOLD OUT

Smaller sponsorship packages

If you’re a smaller company, or even a benevolent cycling fan with an interest in supporting quality independent media outlets, look no further than these smaller packages. Designed to be flexible and affordable, as well as offering specificity in terms of time period or interest, if you want to support the site but aren't sure about doing so over a longer term, check out these varied options.

News and Race Report sponsor: £75 per month

Your company name at the top of the News and Race Report pages will stand out as the page continues to grow its SEO offering and serve as a central resource for cycling fans to read about the latest stories and race write-ups. Your sponsorship will enable me to offer payment to the hard-working News Editors who keep this area of the site up to date and relevant.

Grand Tour sponsorship: Giro d'Italia sponsor: SOLD OUT / Tour de France/TDFF sponsor: £300

Sponsoring dedicated content throughout the period of one of the Grand Tours, your sponsorship will enable unique, informative and entertaining content to be produced and published offering an alternative to traditional cycling media. All with your brand front and centre!

Cyclocross sponsor: £250

Seeking sponsorship for the duration of one cyclocross season, this package will appeal to sponsors with a particular interest in cyclocross, and will support the production of cyclocross-specific articles and race reports for the website, alongside supporting the ‘Cyclocross Dispatch’ segment in the newsletter, rounding up all the top level cyclocross news every two weeks throughout the season.

Support funds

The following two funds are ongoing, open for contributions at any time and of any amount.

Emerging creator fund

Supporting new writers, photographers and graphic artists, or creators from other fields wishing to move into the cycling media sphere, the emerging creator fund will offer monetary reward to the best pieces of work published on the website from the most talented contributors, to enable them to establish themselves on the ladder in the industry, offering paid experience for their CVs, and a platform for their work to show to prospective employers.

Website Development fund

Enabling the site to expand and develop into new areas, your support will allow the brand to grow and encompass more elements of the two-wheeled experience. You can also direct your support to where you would like to see expansion – for example if you enjoy the site but would enjoy more mountain bike content, more tech content or more interviews, these areas can be more fully explored with your support.

You can donate to either fund at any time using Ko-Fi (state which fund you’d like to donate to) or contact me directly if you’d like to discuss any of the above opportunities in more detail.