Olympic Despatches: Track Cycling

Day 1: Monday 2nd August With the outdoor cycling events completed, attention turned to the indoor discipline. Track cycling has been one of the most hotly anticipated events of the Games, not least because of the absence of top-level indoor cycling events over the past year and a half; the impact of the covid-19 pandemicContinue reading “Olympic Despatches: Track Cycling”

Olympic Despatches: Individual Time Trial

The final events on the road would see a small but perfectly formed field of 39 men and 25 women take on a long, undulating course against the clock. The distance was 44.2km for the men and 22.1km for the women, taking place over a lap (or two) concluding, as in the road race, onContinue reading “Olympic Despatches: Individual Time Trial”

Olympic Despatches: Mountain Biking Cross Country

The cross country mountain biking was next up for fans of all things cycling, and whilst it took us away from the roads and onto very different terrain, there were still some familiar faces for road cycling purists to look out for among the elite group of 38 riders who lined up for the men’sContinue reading “Olympic Despatches: Mountain Biking Cross Country”

Olympic Despatches: Road Race Recap

The wait is finally over: the Olympics have arrived. With the preparations five years in the making following the delay to the Tokyo Games due to coronavirus, the stakes were arguably higher than ever With the men’s and women’s road races some of the first events of the Games, much of the pre-race discussion centredContinue reading “Olympic Despatches: Road Race Recap”