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Clash of the Off-Road Titans

(Or, the Cyclocross World Championships – elite races preview) Sit back, relax, put the Rocky themetune on Spotify, because we’re going in. However you dress it up, both the elite races at this year’s cyclocross World Championships feature very public rivalries, and are expected to come down to head-to-heads...

Festive Cyclocross – An Extended Review

I’m cross-posting (pun accidental but delightful) this from my newsletter, partly as I know not everyone wants to make that kind of a commitment (we all have a lot going on in our inboxes, am I right?) and partly for posterity, as my longer form pieces is what this...

Fayetteville 2022: Cyclocross World Championships Preview

Following a thrilling 2021/2022 cyclocross winter, the season culminates this weekend for the ultimate showdown: the World Championships. The competition will be held outside of Europe for the first time since 2013 in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and whilst recent headlines have focused largely on who won’t be there, the...

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