For this preview, I have compared every result from the entire 2023 track season up until this point of each of the riders competing in the UCI Track Champions League. It is important to note that this data takes into account only the track results. Most of the endurance athletes compete in road races too, but I have left these out of my evaluation. These ratings also partially take past results into account, but I have tried my best to not let myself be influenced by this too much. While past achievements can give an indication towards a rider’s general strength, I wanted to look at their form from this season specifically.

Based on the track results from the 2023 season, I have rated the riders a certain amount out of 5 stars. I will go into little detail about the strongest riders in each league and my personal hot tips, and for a full overview of the international elite’s results and their rating, I have added in tables.

For more results, I recommend They are my trusted resource and provided the data for this specific research.

Preview: Men's Endurance League of the UCI Track Champions League

Important names to watch will be Claudio Imhof of Switzerland and Dylan Bibic of Canada. Imhof won the overall Endurance League in 2022 by bringing consistent results. In 2022, Bibic became World Champion in the Scratch Race and came in second in the Elimination Race. Both have shown consistently strong results 2023 seasons so far, that promise to make for an interesting battle in the Champions League. Another notable name is Great Britain’s William Tidball, the newly crowned 2023 Scratch Race World Champion. Eiya Hashimoto of Japan has consistently placed high in various disciplines, making him an interesting watch.

Hot Tip: You always have to keep an eye out for Germany’s Theo Reinhardt. He is a double Madison World Champion, and claimed the Madison European Champion Title for the second time this year, too. He is an experienced track cyclist who might be able to show the young guns a trick or two.

Preview: Women's Endurance League of the UCI Track Champions League

Leading the pack in terms of stellar achievements is Katie Archibald of Great Britain. She won the 2023 Team Pursuit World Championships and Madison European Championships, and with her consistant top 5 results, she has made a strong case for being the favourite this year.

Following closely is her compatriot Neah Evans, who had an impressive run at the 2023 World Championships, winning in the Team Pursuit and the Madison races, as well as the Team Pursuit European Championships.

Hot Tip: The 18 year old Belgian Hélène Hesters is a former gymnast and has now joined her brother Jules Hesters in the velodromes of the world. Watching her develop into a formidable track cyclist will bring us joy for seasons to come, I am sure of it.

Preview: Men's Sprint League of the UCI Track Champions League

Without a doubt, Harrie Lavreysen of the Netherlands is the force to be reckoned with this year. He has been exceptional again throughout the year, winning the World Championships in the Sprint and Team Sprint, and the European Championships in the Keirin, Sprint, and Team Sprint. Looking back over his past seasons, he has an exceptional Track Record of 13 World Champion titles, and is the undisputed King of Sprints. Undisputed, but not untouchable: Colombian Kevin Quintero set an impressive example when he became the 2023 Keirin World Champion, defeating Lavreysen amongst others. Matthew Richardson of Australia is the third big name in the men’s sprint league to watch out for. He won the overall league in 2022, and claimed two second places in the 2023 World Championships.

Hot Tip: Israel’s Mikhail Yakovlev is a well-performing sprinter who looks like he was cut out of the Track Sprinting Guide textbook. He could stir up the results, and will certainly make for interesting matches.

Preview: Women's Sprint League of the UCI Track Champions League

In the Women’s Sprint League, Ellesse Andrews of New Zealand and Emma Finucane of Great Britain will go head to head. Finucane demonstrated her prowess during the 2023 World Championships, securing a 1st place in the Sprint and a 2nd place in the Team Sprint With her strong performances, Finucane emerges as a top contender in the Women's Sprint League. Andrews claimed 1st place in the Keirin at the World Championships. Her 3rd place in the Sprint further solidifies her position as a formidable competitor.

Another strong rider to look out for is Sophie Capewell, also of Great Britain. Having brought consistently good results over the season, she will be looking to secure a win in the Champions League.

Hot Tip: Keep an eye on the young German Alessa-Catriona Pröpster. She has been standing in the shadow of her well-known compatriots Hinze, Friedrich and Grabosch, but she is shaping up to be just as strong as the former three.

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