Yin, yang and sore elbows: some thoughts on the World Championship road races

Two mornings, two early alarm calls. Two bleary-eyed visits to the kitchen to make the first cup of tea of the day and catch up on two very important races. The elite road race weekend has come and gone, and as always, it leaves in its wake a multitude of conflicting emotions, questions and talkingContinue reading “Yin, yang and sore elbows: some thoughts on the World Championship road races”

The Utrecht Files

Day 1. Prequel – the Travelogue This isn’t a confessional. Nor is it therapy.  Focus on the cycling. Focus on the cycling. But in the beginning, there was none. It was the night before… as the saying goes. It started with a narrowly avoided panic attack in the aisle seat (22C) of a KLM plane,Continue reading “The Utrecht Files”

7 things we learned (and 3 we already knew): 2-6 Feb 2022 Edition

Bike races are like buses. You wait all winter for one, and then three come along at once. With the drudgery of January barely behind us, February swept in and with it, the start of road season. OK, sure, the Mallorca Challenge races raised a flicker of interest last week and the GP Marseillaise lastContinue reading “7 things we learned (and 3 we already knew): 2-6 Feb 2022 Edition”

’22 Preview: Chapter 2 – Top Dogs (2)

In case you missed it: my last post introduced my new team preview series, in which I take a look at each of the men’s World Tour teams (and a select few Pro teams), their performance in 2021, their comings and goings, and their goals for 2022. Because let’s face it: we all need somethingContinue reading “’22 Preview: Chapter 2 – Top Dogs (2)”

Two Weekends, A Lifetime of Stories

This weekend, after a year and a half of waiting, I finally said goodbye to my Dad. He died in April 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic (not from covid, I might add) and it’s taken this long for us to able to gather the family and friends who would have wanted to celebrateContinue reading “Two Weekends, A Lifetime of Stories”

WC Mens’ Road Race: 5 Storylines

The infinite ways in which a road race can play out almost always coalesce into something cycling fans recognise – a predictable outcome even where the variables (the riders, the parcours, dogs off their leads) are unpredictable. It can be as binary as the breakaway vs the pack; a sprint vs a lone attacker; theContinue reading “WC Mens’ Road Race: 5 Storylines”

Olympic Despatches: Individual Time Trial

The final events on the road would see a small but perfectly formed field of 39 men and 25 women take on a long, undulating course against the clock. The distance was 44.2km for the men and 22.1km for the women, taking place over a lap (or two) concluding, as in the road race, onContinue reading “Olympic Despatches: Individual Time Trial”

Giro d’Italia 2021: Rest Day Reflections 2

How are we all holding up, folks? I spoke in my rest day piece last week about the nature of Grand Tours on the psyche of us, the fans; how they creep up and take hold and before long you can’t remember life without them. We are well and truly in the throes of thisContinue reading “Giro d’Italia 2021: Rest Day Reflections 2”

Giro d’Italia 2021: Rest Day Reflections 1

Grand Tours are strange and enigmatic beasts. They creep up on you, quietly occupying your mind as they draw closer. Once they begin, they take hold insidiously; you try to keep up with the early stages. You read an article, listen to a podcast, have an exchange or ten on social media. A few daysContinue reading “Giro d’Italia 2021: Rest Day Reflections 1”