The Big Review: Feb-Mar 22

It’s almost impossible to imagine that for the casual viewer of cycling, the season has barely begun. We’re still over a month out from our first Grand Tour, and with only one Monument under our belts (two by the time of publication), it might seem as if not a whole lot has happened yet. IContinue reading “The Big Review: Feb-Mar 22”

7 things we learned (and 3 we already knew): 2-6 Feb 2022 Edition

Bike races are like buses. You wait all winter for one, and then three come along at once. With the drudgery of January barely behind us, February swept in and with it, the start of road season. OK, sure, the Mallorca Challenge races raised a flicker of interest last week and the GP Marseillaise lastContinue reading “7 things we learned (and 3 we already knew): 2-6 Feb 2022 Edition”

’22 Preview: Chapter 2 – Top Dogs (2)

In case you missed it: my last post introduced my new team preview series, in which I take a look at each of the men’s World Tour teams (and a select few Pro teams), their performance in 2021, their comings and goings, and their goals for 2022. Because let’s face it: we all need somethingContinue reading “’22 Preview: Chapter 2 – Top Dogs (2)”