11 riders who stole our hearts in 2021

For the first in a series of pieces reviewing the 2021 season, I’m considering some of the riders who won hearts and minds this year. Be it from their full gas riding, their sparkling personalities or their memorable victories, there are a few shining stars who have won a place in my affections for theContinue reading “11 riders who stole our hearts in 2021”

The Giro, George and Me

It’s been a week since the 104th Giro d’Italia concluded yet its after-image lingers on. I, like many other devoted cycling fans, am trying to readjust to life no longer revolving around five hours of dramatic racing every day for three weeks solid. Even the quiet days had their own unique way of working intoContinue reading “The Giro, George and Me”

Giro d’Italia 2021: what have we learned?

The champagne has flowed, the twirly trophy has been awarded, and the (presumably pink) dust has settled on the 2021 edition of the Giro d’Italia. I can only speak for myself when I say it’s been absolutely exhausting, hasn’t it? As for the riders, those that made it through from day 1 in Torino toContinue reading “Giro d’Italia 2021: what have we learned?”

Giro d’Italia 2021: Rest Day Reflections 2

How are we all holding up, folks? I spoke in my rest day piece last week about the nature of Grand Tours on the psyche of us, the fans; how they creep up and take hold and before long you can’t remember life without them. We are well and truly in the throes of thisContinue reading “Giro d’Italia 2021: Rest Day Reflections 2”

Giro d’Italia 2021: Rest Day Reflections 1

Grand Tours are strange and enigmatic beasts. They creep up on you, quietly occupying your mind as they draw closer. Once they begin, they take hold insidiously; you try to keep up with the early stages. You read an article, listen to a podcast, have an exchange or ten on social media. A few daysContinue reading “Giro d’Italia 2021: Rest Day Reflections 1”

Giro d’Italia 2021 Alternative Preview: Who let the underdogs out?

underdog (noun): a competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest. I don’t remember exactly when rooting for the underdog became my default sporting position. Probably in the dark days of Watford FC’s pre-Premier League years, standing on the terraces (yes I’m that old) listening to my Dad moan about tiredContinue reading “Giro d’Italia 2021 Alternative Preview: Who let the underdogs out?”