Good Omens

It’s fair to say that Team Jumbo Visma are a team who struggle with luck at the best of times. After a week and a bit replete with mishaps at the 105th Giro d’Italia, a dismal outcome for the Dutch team was widely predicted. Jumbo Visma are the living embodiment of a rollercoaster ride. ToContinue reading “Good Omens”

Giro d’Italia – A Preview in Top 5’s

It’s been a year since I kicked off this website with my underdog preview of the 2021 Giro d’Italia so it feels quite poignant to be here, about to encounter the first and arguably most beautiful of the Grand Tours, once again. The Giro d’Italia garners the lion’s share of the love when it comesContinue reading “Giro d’Italia – A Preview in Top 5’s”

The 12 Best Riders who DIDN’T win a Spring Classic

It’s hard to believe that spring Classics season is already at an end. It seems mere moments ago that we were counting down to Omloop, impatient for the season ‘proper’ to begin, and yet here we are, already looking back on a monumental couple of months of racing, and beginning a new countdown, as grandContinue reading “The 12 Best Riders who DIDN’T win a Spring Classic”

The Big Review: Feb-Mar 22

It’s almost impossible to imagine that for the casual viewer of cycling, the season has barely begun. We’re still over a month out from our first Grand Tour, and with only one Monument under our belts (two by the time of publication), it might seem as if not a whole lot has happened yet. IContinue reading “The Big Review: Feb-Mar 22”

’22 Preview: Chapter 5 – Underdog Edition

Right, let’s be honest with each other. OK? If you’ve caught the previous chapters in my 2022 Preview series you’ll have read about the comings and goings from each of the World Tour teams, the recollections of their 2021 successes, and the anticipation of their goals for 2022. However. If you’ve been awake for evenContinue reading “’22 Preview: Chapter 5 – Underdog Edition”

7 things we learned: 10-15 Feb 2022 Edition

I joked last week about the cycling community over-reacting to early season results, but the more I think about it, the more sense it makes. After all, what else do we have to go on, in terms of extrapolating how the bigger races might unfold, that’s more relevant than actual full-blooded racing? Strava data providesContinue reading “7 things we learned: 10-15 Feb 2022 Edition”

7 things we learned (and 3 we already knew): 2-6 Feb 2022 Edition

Bike races are like buses. You wait all winter for one, and then three come along at once. With the drudgery of January barely behind us, February swept in and with it, the start of road season. OK, sure, the Mallorca Challenge races raised a flicker of interest last week and the GP Marseillaise lastContinue reading “7 things we learned (and 3 we already knew): 2-6 Feb 2022 Edition”

’22 Preview: Chapter 4 – The Pack (2): The Opportunists

Our pack may not be top of the list of favourites for every race they are involved in, but they are up there fighting, and have plenty of opportunities to take big wins. The previous chapter looked at those teams who are challenging the top dogs for supremacy. This piece will focus on a setContinue reading “’22 Preview: Chapter 4 – The Pack (2): The Opportunists”

’22 Preview: Chapter 3 – The Pack (1): The Challengers

Welcome back to ’22 Preview, a series of articles in which I take a look at each of the men’s World Tour teams (and a few added extras) in an effort to see what the future holds for them in this new season. In Chapters One and Two, I examined the fortunes of the TopContinue reading “’22 Preview: Chapter 3 – The Pack (1): The Challengers”

Fayetteville 2022: Cyclocross World Championships Preview

Following a thrilling 2021/2022 cyclocross winter, the season culminates this weekend for the ultimate showdown: the World Championships. The competition will be held outside of Europe for the first time since 2013 in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and whilst recent headlines have focused largely on who won’t be there, the array of talent making the trip acrossContinue reading “Fayetteville 2022: Cyclocross World Championships Preview”