ALL NEW: Newsletter now launching!

Welcome back to the site and apologies for my absence. It’s been a busy summer of um, watching a lot of bike racing, and writing about a lot of it too, albeit for other outlets. Which is fantastic and I am truly grateful for the opportunities I’ve been afforded, but I’m anxious to keep up to date here, as this is a place for me to share my voice and thoughts outside of the constraints of traditional media (in short, I can write poems when I fancy, or create silly lists now and again).

With this in mind, I’m launching a newsletter – it will be weekly at most, more likely fortnightly, so it will not take up too much space in your inbox, I promise. I appreciate it’s a big deal to commit to yet another voice bombarding your already sagging inbox but rest assured, if you enjoy cycling news and opinion and are open to a slightly different angle, along with some unique content, your subscription will be well worth your while. Plus it will feed my fragile sense of self-worth – didn’t you know egos fed on email addresses?

I’ll still be posting plenty of content here on the site – longer posts, reviews, lists and in-depth opinion pieces will still be here for your delectation. This is a quick and easy way for me to stay in touch with you in smaller more palatable chunks – a tapas of writebikerepeat rather than a three-course-meal, if you will!

Please sign up below and I’ll see you soon…

EDIT: Apparently the form isn’t showing up on all browsers… I blame WordPress… If you’d like to subscribe to the newsletter and you CAN’T see the form please drop me a message or comment below!

Published by katymadgwick

I am a freelance cycling writer and fiction author. I have followed pro cycling for nine years, making the move in 2021 into writing and content creation. You can find my work at, Cycling News, Cyclist Magazine, the British Continental and on my own site: I am a co-host on the Quicklink podcast, and also have a YouTube channel where you can find my Highlights Reel series, featuring conversations with cycling fans about the 2021 season.

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