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Intro: Hi. I’m Katy. I write. A lot. I watch cycling. A lot. I find I’m rarely able to contain my love for either and more often than not, the two go hand in hand. So here is my solution. Join me, if you like, as I explore the world of cycling from a decidedly random angle.

What to expect: opinion pieces that don’t fit anywhere else. Races previews and reports that don’t fit anywhere else. Short fiction inspired by bike racing. Rampant fangirling, on occasion. I’m always learning and love to chat, so please feel free to comment or catch me over on Twitter, where I can mostly be found shouting about races or posting heart emojis on Jumbo Visma news.

Likes: One day races. Week long stage races. Grand Tours. Big Mountains. Big Hearts. Smart tactics. Balls out attacks. Sacrifices. Cobbles. Wine-fuelled discourse. Learning Dutch. Muddy cross races. Wout van Aert.

Dislikes: Crashes. Photo finishes. Time trials on the last day of a grand tour. DQs for throwing bottles to fans. Missing cycling races. Writer’s block. Conflict.

Published by katymadgwick

I am a freelance cycling writer and fiction author. I have followed pro cycling for nine years, making the move in 2021 into writing and content creation. You can find my work at rouleur.cc, Cycling News, Cyclist Magazine, the British Continental and on my own site: writebikerepeat.com. I am a co-host on the Quicklink podcast, and also have a YouTube channel where you can find my Highlights Reel series, featuring conversations with cycling fans about the 2021 season.

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